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Dragongem Online

Game Title: Dragongem Online
Genre: 2D MMORPG
Status: Closed Beta
Developer: Zemi Interactive
Publisher: Zemi Interactive
Official Website:Title:
Client Size:120mb
Client Download:

System Requirement

Minimum Recommended
CPU: Pentium III 500 Pentium III 1G
Graphics Card : 64mb or more
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

Dragongem Online has the gameplay similar to Maple Story and graphics similar to Pirate King Online

First Impression:
Dragongem online is a very user friendly game more suitable for gamers that wish to spend their time dressing up their characters rather than those that prefer grinding up their characters to be strong in game. Female players would prefer it more than male players. There is also a monster taming
system where you can tame some certain monsters and mount them.

Not the best of graphics but certainly a decent one for 2d MMORPGs. Cartoonic animated graphics which gives players a very calming and relaxing nature. Cute and adorable characters is certainly the main attraction for female gamers.

Sound 6/10
Music…yea.3 words could describe the soundplay in this game. Slow, Claming, Relaxing. Considering the game concept which is something like Maple Story the FX and sound strack isn’t bad at all.

The game has a pretty simple control system. Left and right arrow keys to move around. Users can also customize their own set of controls which they desire. You start off the game as an Adventure and you could change your class when you reach level 10.There are 4 types of classes to choose from

Melee attackers, has high defense and attack, they are basically the tankers of the game. You could become and warrior when you reach level 10 and upgrade your class when you hit level 35.

Ranged attackers, lower defense compared to warrior. Archers are the backbone of a party, they deal constant damage non stop while tankers do their job. A very fun class to play.

Mostly ranged skills, low heath points and defense, high magical damage. Mages, they play the damage dealer role in a party. They deal very high damage nukes. A warrior would love to party a mage, while the warrior do his job mages can kill mobs quick. Its a win-in deal. This is certainly your pick if you like to deal huge damage and killstealing.

They are a pretty much balanced char in the game. Thief is said to be hired by the Ruble Kingdom. They are the secret society hired to take down huge and strong monsters in group. There is also a mount system in game which is pretty unique. You can tame certain mobs and make them your own mount. Party quests and boss hunting which require good coordination between party members is the fun part of the game. Nothing is greater than having a great bunch of people playing together in MMORPGs.

The community is far better than most MMORPGs I played. Maybe it was because the characters always carries a smile on their face there is always a welcomed and warm feeling throughout the game.

If you are a fan of 2d MMORPG, you?ll like this. Decent graphics and gameplay plus the unique mount and quest system is going to give 2d MMORPG fans a new experience of gaming.

Unique Feature:9/10
Unique partying system and clan quests. Teamplay is vital in the game which require players among players communication skills.

Overall Rating:8/10
2d MMORPG fans would certainly like this game due to its unique features and gameplay. Worth a shot!


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